aviannegreen - Contact Centre and Office Equipment Cleansing wipes

aviannegreen.com produce cleansing wipes, formulated specifically for use in contact centres and busy office environments.

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  • aviannegreen offers a high grade anti-bacterial / anti-microbial / anti-viral cleanser in 3 convenient sizes with a non alcohol based formula that kills harmful germs without water. Stubbi Tub, Tubbi tub and Heavi Tub.
  • Flannels remain moist for up to two hours enhancing the collection of dirt and dust
  • Flannels are treated with a glycerine skin conditioner preventing the loss of natural oils when wearing a headset and / or using the flannel on other equipment
  • Flannels are treated with the soft aroma of aloe Vera
  • Under best practice conditions the chemical formula remains active for up to 7 days

aviannegreen is not designed for use on any Plasma, LED, VDU or any other type of screen.

Do you share headsets / handsets on a hot desk basis?

Headsets in use in call centres or busy office environment all come into contact with sweat, dirty hair, skin complaints, unwashed hands, food and drink residue, etc. They are constantly in touch with the skin often up to ten hours per day and are an ideal conduit for the spread of some nasty bacteria, fungi, virus and even parasites. Watch YouTube video: The germs that lurk at work

aviannegreen wipes can eliminate 99% of all harmful germs including: e.coli, the flu virus, Salmonella and MRSA.

Find out more information about the aviannegreen Products

Stubbi Tub

25 x (18x18cm) flannels

Tubbi tub

100 x (20x20cm) flannel

Heavi Tub

250 x (20x20cm) flannels
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