SARK Advanced Call Recording

The Sark recording package is designed to help administrators of SARK PBX manage and record calls. The easy to use Web GUI allows users to search, listen and download call recordings. The recording package can be purchased with either an external hard drive or with an external NAS server. All recordings are stored on external storage devices to make sure PBX do not run out of space.

Key Features

  • Multi-level recording options
    • one-touch-record button on phones (or by dialling star codes)
    • Pause and Resume call recording (useful when taking card payments)
    • by extension
    • by call group
    • by trunk
    • or system wide
  • Storage options
    • USB storage drive
    • Network-Attached-Storage device (integration options for most systems)
  • Web-based recording search and retrieval system. Search by:
    • caller ID
    • extension number
    • dialled number
    • date & time
  • E-mail alerts when storage is getting full

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