SARK Operating Panel for Receptionists

The SARK Operating Panel is a web based switchboard software designed for receptionists, call centre supervisors and call handling staff. The panel not only displays real time activities on the IP PBX but also offers additional features such as call control, real time search and filter of extensions plus call pick up for other users etc. The system is compatible with SARK and other Asterisk based PBX systems.

Below are the key features of the SARK operating panel:

  • Web based tool. Works with all web browsers
  • Multi user system with different access levels
  • Inbound Call notification via pop-up
  • User presence indicator
  • Phone book integration
  • Real time search and filter
  • Call initiation, pick-up , transfer and hangup
  • Management of agents and queues
  • Multi tenant system
  • Scalable to monitor many PBX systems

What ProVu offers:

ProVu have vast experience of setting up the Operator Panel software with Asterisk based PBX`s not just SARK. ProVu offers assistance with the installation and remote support, Pre-built hardware appliances and re-branding of the software interface.