Online SARK training course

To make SARK training more accessible and to enable more of our resellers to learn about SARK PBX, we have moved our training online. Our comprehensive online training course will allow installers and technical support personnel to learn how to configure and manage a SARK PBX.

The online training course consists of a series of instructional videos, practical assignments and multiple choice quizzes. It is very much a practical training course and you will need a SARK PBX to hand in order to complete it.

What you will learn

The course has been broken down into four sections these can be completed in your own time and will be available as a reference tool, even after completing the course.

The course will cover the following topics:

  • Overview of hardware variants
  • SARK software structure
  • Initial set up
  • Creating extensions
  • Using the SARK built in provisioning system and getting phones working
  • Multi-tenant
  • Alpha tagging and distinctive ringing
  • Extensions in more detail
  • Dynamic queue agents
  • Call conferences
  • High availability
  • Call recording
  • Security
  • Fault diagnosis and using the command line interface
  • Taking backups

Register to access SARK training course

This course is available free of charge to SARK resellers and installers. Throughout the course, it is strongly recommended that you have a SARK system to hand to enable you to follow along and complete any tutorials.

Please fill out our form below to register your interest: