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ProTalk SIP Door Entry Systems and Video Door Phones

ProTalk IP Door Entry systems are designed for outside use and connect with most SIP based IP PBXs and hosted telephony services. - view full list of compatible PBXs and Hosted VoIP platforms.

The ProTalk Door Entry system consists of a door phone unit designed to sit on the outside of your premises plus a series of optional additional parts to make a complete door entry solution.

These slimline units measure just 40mm in depth and comprise a SIP telephone, integrated speaker and microphone. There are single and dual button models available either with or without cameras.

The system can be set into day or night modes with different call numbers for the single or dual buttons.

If you want to identify who is at your door before you answer the phone or before letting them in, then the door phone is available with a built-in IP camera supporting up to 640x480 video at 5fps. This video can be viewed in a web browser, a free stand alone PC application or on the screen of a compatible IP phone. Find out more about video integration.


  • Door Entry Control Unit
    • Buttons dial an extension or group when pressed
    • Options for single/double buttoned which call different numbers/groups
    • Backlit buttons
    • Two internal SPDT relays for controlling a door opener or light etc.
    • Relays controlled individually by DTMF tones
    • SIP Protocol
  • Unit with IP camera
    • Optional IP camera to view real time video on a computer
    • Talk to callers, look at callers, then open the door
    • Camera permanently operational, not just during calls
  • ProTalk Supporting Kits
    • A range of electronically controlled door opener devices to connect to the door phone
    • 12v power supplies with battery back up option
    • Exit switches
    • Can be bundled as complete door entry kits
    • Supports Power over Ethernet - find out more about the Phihong PoE Single Port Adaptor
  • There is also an anti-vandal unit within this Slimline range with a camera and one button - Find out more about the ProTalk SIP anti-vandal unit.

Usage scenarios

They can be deployed as:

  • Office door phone with on-site or hosted IP-PBX, full access control
  • Remote site entry over Internet
  • Apartment/flat intercom with door access control


All the ProTalk door entry systems need to register as an extension to a SIP enabled PBX, or on a hosted VoIP platform - view full list of compatible PBXs and Hosted VoIP platforms.

Video Integration - products

Find out more about video integration

View all Slim SIP door entry units - comparison table

ProTalk IP door entry phone with one button

RRP: £315.00+VAT
Availability: In Stock Now

ProTalk IP door entry phone with two buttons

RRP: £325.00+VAT
Availability: In Stock Soon

ProTalk IP door entry phone with one button and a camera

RRP: £355.00+VAT
Availability: In Stock Now

ProTalk IP door entry phone with two buttons and a camera

RRP: £399.00+VAT
Availability: In Stock Soon

weather protective hood for the Slimline IP door phone

Weather protection hood
RRP: £20.00+VAT - (In Stock Now)

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