ProVu Communications - Siemens S450IP - DECT VoIP Phone.

Siemens S450IP

This product is no longer available. Why not take a look at our IP DECT phones for an alternative solution

Firmware Update 09/2007 Version 02081.

Siemens have now released the firmware for the S450IP to include SIP transfers and other features.

New Features:

  • Line selection via account index added (#0 - #9).
  • Dialing Plan added.
  • VoIP Call Transfer function added. (Depends on the provider).
  • Call rejection via Onhook-Key added.
  • IP address exchange via paging call.
  • SNTP protocol support added (automatic Time/Date adjustment).
  • E-Mail username length is enlarged up to 50 characters (configurable via Web Configurator).
  • VoIP Accounts can be stored without user name.
  • Call Waiting Rejection function added.


  • Message presentation improved.
  • Phone menu adjusted.
  • G729 Codec support improved.

Further Information on the Siemens S450IP