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CounterPath Bria Enterprise


CounterPath Bria Enterprise offers a range of provisionable softphone licences which combine video, presence and messaging to provide a true unified communications experience across both fixed and mobile networks. Designed to be remotely configured from a secure cloud-managed system, licence changes can be made without having to log in to a customer's computer. Bria Enterprise offers a fully featured client with support for HD video, the G729 audio codec and Microsoft Outlook integration as standard.

Featuring the same easy to use interface across all platforms, Bria Enterprise is compatible with Apple, Windows or Android devices. To simplify your deployments, CounterPath licences can be purchased for a variety of devices in a range of payment options - all you need to do is select your required licence, supply your end-user customer with their login credentials and they're good to go!

We offer a range of licences to suit each end user's individual requirements, available licences include:

  • Single Mobile Device
  • Single Desktop Device
  • Basic Bundle User (up to 4 devices)
  • Standard Bundle User (up to 4 devices)

All of the above licences are available on a subscription model and can be purchased on an annual or monthly basis.

Licence Types

Device Licences User Licences
Features Mobile Desktop Basic Standard
Number of devices per licence 1 1 4 4
Centralised cloud-based management yes yes yes yes
Compatible with Mac and Windows Devices No yes yes yes
Compatible with iOS and Android Devices yes No yes yes
Push notifications yes yes yes yes
Transferable licence, users and devices can be deleted and re-assigned (only within the same group) yes yes yes yes
Standard telephony features (including call hold, call transfer and voicemail / messaging waiting Indicator) yes yes yes yes
Advanced telephony features (including Microsoft Office integration, call recording and address book integration) yes yes yes yes
Hosted messaging, presence and corporate directory service No No No yes
Hosted collaboration features (including audio/video conferencing, screen sharing, and browser-based access for guests) No No No No

Ordering Information

Device Licences (Single Device) User Licences (Any 4 Devices)
Mobile Desktop Basic Bundle Standard Bundle
Annual £25.84 £36.36 £47.85 £53.40
Rolling Monthly £2.87 £4.04 £5.31 £5.92
Please note: There will be a small amount of pricing fluctuation month-to-month, as our pricing for licences is calculated on the 1st of each month inline with current USD to GBP exchange rate. This ensures you are always getting the best price.

Subscription Options

Bria Enterprise licences are available on different payment schemes, simply select the scheme that best suits you.


Licences are billed annually. 12 month contract from each renewal date.

Rolling Monthly

Licences are billed monthly and invoiced on 1st of each month. Rolling monthly contract from 1st of each month.


Support & Downloads

Media downloads

Bria Enterprise Mobile
High Resolution | Web | Thumb
Bria Enterprise Mobile
High Resolution | Web | Thumb
Bria Enterprise Desktop
High Resolution | Web | Thumb
Bria Enterprise Desktop
High Resolution | Web | Thumb
Bria Enterprise Basic Bundle
High Resolution | Web | Thumb