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ProSys APIs

ProVu are experts in providing Service Providers and Resellers with systems that automate the process for ordering, shipping and provisioning of VoIP hardware. ProVu's APIs are easy to use and makes the whole hardware supply and provisioning process a slick and automated process.

List of ProSys APIs

Product Information API

Gives you list of products, pricing and availability as well as useful information which can be applied to your website including product name, brand, EAN, MPN and a product overview. Using this data you are also able to access our product images and data sheets.

Product Categories API

We provide a list of product categories which you are able to use to help group products on your website for easier navigation, for example IP desk phones and conference phones.

Ordering API

You are able to push order details to us for automated order processing. Details include ordered items and quantities, delivery information, carrier service, branding settings and configuration details for zero touch provisioning.

Order Details API

You able to get information about your orders this includes original order details for example items and delivery details, you are also able to see order status information. And then when an order ships you’ll also have access to tracking information as well as MAC addresses and serials numbers of the despatched items.

Invoices API

You are able to pull a list of your invoices and credits for the last 60 days. This API returns a JSON document and is useful data if you want to integrate directly with your accounting software or if you would like to output the data in your own system.

Device Status API

This API allows you to query the status of a device and see the configuration that has been applied. Please note this API is only available for ProSys Management subscribers

Device Management API

You are able to push configuration settings to your managed devices using API request. For Snom, Yealink and Gigaset this can be any setting using the manufacturers' specific key. For all other managed devices these will be ProVu's standard provisioning settings for example SIP user names for phones or PPP user names and passwords for routers. Please note this API is only available for ProSys Management subscribers.



ProSys offers a range of tools designed to ease delivery and management of CPE.
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API Manual

A copy of the API manual can be found on ProSys, if you do not have a ProSys login or you have forgotten your password you can request a password. Alternatively, you can request the documentation by calling our sales team on 01484 840048.

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