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We receive your orders, package, white label and ship your hardware directly to your customers for next day delivery. This means you don't need to hold stock or buy in bulk.

What we can do for you?

  • Choice: We offer a wide range of quality VoIP products.
  • Fast: All orders placed before 4:45pm are shipped the same day and arrive next working day. These can be drop shipped directly to your customers. Find out more information about our shipping options.
  • Simple: We can add your customers configuration settings so that when they plug in their new hardware it is ready to go.
  • Professional: We can white label your goods with your brand on the delivery documents, so it appears that everything has come from you.

Ultimately by using our fulfilment services, reduces your costs and saves you time as you don't need to manage, package and ship your orders. This therefore reduces risk as you don't need to order in large quantities of stock in anticipation of incoming orders.

By linking your site to our ProSys API you can automate your order process so that the orders your customers place are sent directly to the ProVu despatch team.

Trade Accounts

Once you are set up as a ProVu reseller, you will be clear to place orders with payment by credit / debit card. When you are trading with us regularly, you can speed up your fulfilment process even more by setting up a credit account. To request an application for a credit account, simply e-mail us at: contact@provu.co.uk. We will then send you an online trade credit application form.

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ProSys Ordering

There are multiple ways to order products from us, these include; over the phone, by e-mail or using ProSys Ordering. ProSys is our most effective method with a host of advantages.


  • Fast and easy way of placing orders (online)
  • Helps minimise the risk of errors
  • Phone configuration settings can be entered online
  • Shipping costs are reduced
  • Automated provisioning of phones
  • Have your website or CRM system place orders directly into ProVu systems.

Find out more about ProSys' useful tools and how they can benefit your business.

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Get in touch

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