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Zero Touch Provisioning for IP Phones

Why ProVu are different

We have developed our own independent hosted provisioning platform that works across all the leading SIP hosted telephony platforms as well as all the leading brands of IP Phones.

By being able to offer auto provisioning as a service we are able to ship phones on your behalf directly to your customer site. In effect we will act as your hardware fulfilment partner.

All phones are programmed at the point of manufacture to redirect to our provisioning platform. Upon initial installation they can then be provisioned directly from the ProVu provisioning platform or re-directed to a service providers platform.

What are the benefits of zero touch provisioning

  • As provisioning is automatic, we don't even open the box
  • All phones are delivered direct to your customer as new and un-opened
  • No requirement for any on-site engineering support
  • Minimises support queries
  • Phones arrive on site, ready to work
  • Through our drop ship option, no one will even know we were involved in the process. We will white label your shipments automatically

How it works

Provisioning diagram

This means:

  1. Whatever the size of your order, we are happy to offer redirection or configuration
  2. Once your company profile has been created, all orders will be automatically provisioned
  3. Fast despatch- we don't open any boxes
  4. As this service is fully automated, there is a reduced chance of human error
  5. You can edit the phone settings yourself for each individual phone using ProSys Management

How to get started

We will work with you to create your personalised provisioning template with your choice of default settings. For example this might include voicemail, dial tone, time zone, firmware version and outbound proxy settings. Or if you use someone else's provisioning platform we can point / redirect your phones to the correct platform.

Once this is set up all ordered phones will then automatically provision upon being connected at your customer's site. Fill our out provisioning request form, to get the process started.



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Get in touch

If you would like to discuss any of our services please call us on 01484 840048. Or fill out our Reseller application form to become a ProVu partner.

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