Enterprise VoIP Endpoint Management

For large deployments of VoIP devices, central management is essential. This service addresses the requirement for Enterprise VoIP installations and Large Centrex Deployments.

How it works

The VoIP Endpoints are registered to talk to ProVu's configuration server using a secure protocol.

The customer specifies the configuration for the phones - both by group and individually.


  • No need to run your own config server
  • Secure system
  • Centrally managed by SIP experts
  • Works through most NATs/firewalls

Example Scenario

  • Major corporate wishes to deploy 400 phones on its network.
  • ProVu ship phones and connect to the configuration server.
  • On power up, all phones load their SIP details and configured firmware.

Three months later

  • Phone Manufacturer releases new phone firmware with enhanced features.
  • After testing, enterprise decides to roll this out to all the phones.
  • New firmware version is then selected on the configuration server.
  • All the phones will load the new configuration and upgrade their own firmware automatically without human intervention.