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Baudisch SIP modular door entry systems (IP65) - example scenarios

Below is a list of the different module choices, frames and housing options to build your own optimised solution.

Core Module

SIP door module (ECO and MAXI)

SIP door module

The Baudisch SIP DoorModule is a door intercom with loudspeaker, hands-free microphone and inputs for external call buttons.

The device is the ideal solution for vandal protection requirements or for outdoor applications. It includes a phone directory with 76 speed dialling numbers, which can be triggered via external buttons. Fast dialling and very good quality giving a clear and loud replay are the characteristic features of this robust intercom. Further advantages are:

  • Protection class IP65 with integrated poke-through protection as complete mechanical unit, which is mounted directly from the rear onto a front panel.
  • Priority of voice from the control station; which means dialog is possible even if there are loud noises in the intercom's environment.
  • An integrated switch with 24V output for direct CP-CAM connection or chaining of several intercoms (looping of the Ethernet, e.g. in tunnels), however, which in this case must be supplied with 24V.
  • Simple configuration via the in-built web server which is pre-installed in a required language version (German, English, French, Italian).
  • Emergency call logic: Features such as redialling, call acceptance confirmation of the control station over DTMF and call forwarding to alternative destinations.
  • Cost-optimised ECO version, in which case the following are omitted: Internal switch/connection for CP-CAM, light relay, EasyLan, ribbon cable connector for matrix and KeypadModule extension.

Article Numbers:

33-1000 (MAXI DoorModule)
33-0999 (ECO DoorModule)
33-1119 (V4A front panel for DoorModule)

Module Choices

IP Video Camera Module


IP video camera with in built web server

  • VGA JPG or MJPEG 640x480 pixel
  • Pictures / video can be called at any time via web browser from PCs of the same network
  • Night vision due to infra red function
  • IP65 protection to the front

Article Numbers:

33-1001 (CP-CAM)
33-1121 (4VA front panel for CAM)


SIP door module MAXI

Central Call Button Module

central call button

Vandalism protected, stainless steel push button with illuminated bi-colour (green/red) LED ring

Article Numbers:

33-1144 (Central call button module inc V4A front panel)


SIP door module ECO
(or MAXI depending on other requirements)

Button Modules

2 button
4 button

There's choice of 2 and 4 buttoned modules to register different call destinations. With LED back lighting of lettering.

Article Numbers:

33-1219 (Button module 2T)
33-1192 (Button module 4B)

33-1127 (Diode MatrixModule)


  • 01 - 05 buttons: ECO (or MAXI depending on other requirements)
  • 06 - 16 buttons: MAXI + 1 MatrixModule
  • 17 - 31 buttons: MAXI + 2 MatrixModule
  • 32 - 46 buttons: MAXI + 3 MatrixModule
  • 47 - 61 buttons: MAXI + 4 MatrixModule
  • 62 - 76 buttons: MAXI + 5 MatrixModule

Keypad Module

keypad module
  • Entry of phone numbers
  • Entry of speed dialling numbers
  • Entry of PIN codes (for door release)
  • Keys anodised with blue back-light
  • Premium quality

Article Numbers:

33-1202 (KeypadModule 16B)
33-1198 (4VA front panel for KeypadModule)


SIP door module MAXI

Display Module

display module

2 line, 16 character LCD display to show destinations stored in the SIP Door Module, with easy selection of destination with 2 key (up/down).

Up to 4 display modules can be used with the SIP Door Module (MAXI), the power for the first display module can be obtained from the SIP Door Module.

Lettering with individual push in strips from rear.

Destinations stored in the telephone book of the SIP Door Module can be displayed as follows:

  • 1 x Display module to show up to 60 destinations each
  • 2 x Display module to show up to 30 destinations each
  • 3 x Display module to show up to 20 destinations each
  • 4 x Display module to show up to 15 destinations each

Article Numbers:

33-1200 (SIP Display module)


SIP door module MAXI

Transponder Reader Module (RFID)


Vandalism protected transponder reader with Baudisch EasyLAN interface for connection to the central devices of the Baudisch access and time recording systems.

With 2 integrated switching relays and with optical (2 bi-colour LEDs) as well as acoustical status feedback.

With the self contained access control it is possible to detect up to 5000 transponder chips.

Article Numbers:

33-1197 (Transponder Reader)
33-1221 (4VA front panel for Transponder Reader)

Motion Detector Module (ECO and MAXI)

motion detector

Temperature-independent radar motion detector with light sensor and switching relay, adjustable sensitivity and switching time. The integrated light sensor can be used as a dimmer switch or for activation of the detector. Due to radar technology, operation is also possible behind glass doors, wooden or plaster walls.

The following application areas are:

  • Automatic control of lighting and machines
  • Opening operation of doors and barriers
  • Alarm and safety engineering
  • OEM application
  • Integration in building control and access control systems
  • Combination with Baudisch DoorModule

The Baudisch MotionDetector is available in two versions:

  • ECO version
  • MAXI version

Article Numbers:

36-0144 (MotionDetector ECO)
36-0145 (MotionDetector MAXI) MAXI version features additionally EasyLAN interface.
33-1176 (4VA front panel for MotionDetector)

Blanking (Blind) Module

blind module

To cover empty spaces within frames. Ideal if you have plans to extend your door entry solution in the future.

Article Number:

33-1218 (Blind module steel)

Housing and Mounting Options

Mounting Frames (Front Bolted)

Front Bolted Mounting Frame

Mounting frame (front bolting) to install Baudisch Module System units together with flush-mounting boxes or for direct on wall mount. Adequate screw sets (2 hole inward urge or Torx with safety pins) are available.


Aluminium, polished, anodised.

Article Number:

27-0281A (frame 1x1)
27-0281B (frame 2x1)
27-0281C (frame 3x1)
27-0281D (frame 4x1)
27-0281E (frame 2x2)
27-0281F (frame 3x2)
27-0281G (frame 4x2)

Mounting Frames (Rear Bolted)

SIP Door station IP65 video

Mounting frame (rear bolting) to install units of the Baudisch Module System into panels, when you have access to the back of the modules for example letter boxes.


Aluminium, polished, anodised.

Article Number:

27-0235A (frame 1x1)
27-0235B (frame 2x1)
27-0235C (frame 3x1)
27-0235D (frame 4x1)
27-0235E (frame 2x2)
27-0235F (frame 3x2)
27-0235G (frame 4x2)

Flush Mounted

flush mount

Flush-mounting box for Baudisch mounting frames with front bolting (FB). The delivery contents also contains a screw set with M5x16mm Torx with safety pin.

Article Number:

27-0282A (box single)
27-0282B (box double)
27-0282C (box triple)
27-0282D (box quadruple)


Mounting Frame (Front Bolted)

On Wall

On wall mount

On-wall housing for adaption of an assembly frame mounted

  • Assembly from the front side.
  • On-wall housing for adaption of an assembly
  • 4 thread nuts
  • Construction with steel zinc coated and powder coated
  • Ideal for use with a weather protective roof


Weather Protection Roof

Box content

On-wall housing module system, module frame flush mounted housing, 4 screws (M5x16mm) with Torx and security pin (33-1196), 4 screws (4,8x50mm) with Torx and 4 cavitiy wall dewel.

Article Number

33-1454A (On-wall housing single) + 27-0281A (Front bolted frame single)
33-1454B (On-wall housing double) + 27-0281B (Front bolted frame double)
33-1454C (On-wall housing triple) + 27-0281C (Front bolted frame triple)
33-1454D (On-wall housing quadruple) + 27-0281D (Front bolted frame quadruple)

IP65 System Housing

SIP Door station IP65 video

On wall system housings to accept 3 units of the Baudisch Module System, ideal for use at factory buildings or construction sites.


Top section blue - RAL 5002, bottom section black powder coated


Aluminium pressure die-casting

Article Number:

33-1123 (System housings IP65)

Weather Protection Roof


Weather protection cover for use with the on-wall housing.



Article Number:

33-1520A (Weather protection hood - single)
33-1520B (Weather protection hood - double)
33-1520C (Weather protection hood - triple)
33-1520D (Weather protection hood - quadruple)

Integrated Units

SIP Door station IP65 standard

SIP Door station IP65 video

System housing equipped with the following modules:

  • SIP door module ECO with front panel
  • Central Call Button Module
  • Button Module with 4 buttons

Article Numbers:

33-0211 (SIP Door station IP65 standard)
33-1199 (Installation kit sabotage contact IP65)

SIP Door station IP65 video

SIP Door station IP65 video

System housing equipped with the following modules:

  • IP Video Camera Module with front panel
  • SIP door module MAXI with front panel
  • Button Module with 4 buttons

Article Numbers:

33-0213 (SIP Door station IP65 video)
33-1199 (Installation kit sabotage contact IP65)