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Network Cables

We stock a wide selection of CAT.5e ethernet cables, in various lengths and colours

0.5 meters 1 meter 2 meters 3 meters 5 meters 10 meters
Black Cat5 Black cat5e0.5M-B cat5e1M-B cat5e2M-B cat5e3M-B cat5e5M-B cat5e10M-B
Red Cat5 Red cat5e0.5M-R cat5e1M-R cat5e2M-R cat5e3M-R cat5e5M-R -
Blue Cat5 Blue cat5e0.5M-Bl cat5e1M-Bl cat5e2M-Bl cat5e3M-Bl cat5e5M-Bl -
Yellow Cat5 Yellow cat5e0.5M-Y cat5e1M-Y cat5e2M-Y cat5e3M-Y cat5e5M-Y -
Green Cat5 Green cat5e0.5M-Gn cat5e1M-Gn cat5e2M-Gn cat5e3M-Gn cat5e5M-Gn -
Grey Cat5 Grey cat5e0.5M-G cat5e1M-G cat5e2M-G cat5e3M-G cat5e5M-G -