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Converged Access VoIP Accelerator (QoS) - CTX 1000

This product has been discontinued

The Converged Traffic Xpress (CTX) is a Quality-of-Service (QoS) bridge device that transparently integrates into a network to guarantee VoIP performance.

Branch offices and small offices that have invested in IP telephony expect clear and reliable performance at a lower cost, but many have been disappointed with poor performance resulting in user complaints and rising IT support costs.

This simple to install and manage solution instantly improves application performance for peak network efficiency. With the CTX 1000 you can:

  • Quickly install QoS on your network - the device connects in-between the router and the rest of the network
  • Give top priority and guaranteed bandwidth to VoIP
  • Give second priority to mission-critical data applications like Citrix or set limits to manage bandwidth hungry applications
  • Give other data applications best effort service


  • Fast and easy configuration using a web browser
  • Industry leading traffic management engine
  • Controls outbound and inbound traffic
  • SIP traffic classification
  • Precise bandwidth guarantees using class-based queuing
  • Packet size optimisation
  • Bridges single WAN port to 4 switched LAN ports
  • Bandwidth bursting and borrowing enables optimal use of all bandwidth


  • Enhances your VoIP experience over the IP WAN by intelligently prioritizing and protecting latency-sensitive traffic.
  • Reduces user complaints and support costs caused by poor quality VoIP or slow response times for critical applications.
  • Eliminates the need to purchase additional bandwidth.
  • Integrates seamlessly into your existing IP network without any changes to your router or application configuration.