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CounterPath Bria Stretto Add on Modules

CounterPath Bria Stretto offers a range of add-on modules which can be added to the Stretto provisioning module to enhance its capabilities and functionality. The current range of add-on modules include:

XMPP Messaging & Presence
Provides an XMPP server for messaging and presence services.

Help Desk
Enables you to remotely support and troubleshoot Bria client problems in realtime.

User Experience Metrics
Allows you to measure the frequency of end user issues, making it easier to fault find.

CounterPath also offer Branding Support to enable you to work with them to create your own customised service, this can include the incorporation of your company logo or building a branded portal for your customers to download. For more information, please call us on: 01484 840048.

Subscriber Line Proxy
Empowers businesses to extend a single line extension to multiple devices.

Contact Discovery
Grants permission for users to see contacts who are using the same service.

Call Continuity
Allows calls to be seamlessly handed over from Wi-Fi to cellular networks without dropping off.

SIP/Simple Messaging & Presence
Provides a SIP/Simple server for messaging and presence services.

SMS over IP
Enables SMS capability for VoIP users for both inbound and outbound messages.

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