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snom DECT Repeater

This product has been discontinued.

The Snom DECT repeater can increase your DECT range up to six times

The current Snom and Siemens Gigaset DECT systems have an extremely good range, far beyond typical wireless range, but some situations demand that coverage is even further extended.

The Snom repeater automatically registers to the original Snom base unit and can easily be configured to work with a Siemens base station. The repeater enables users to remain on a call whilst walking around their offices or warehouse; it doubles the normal range of the original base unit.

The DECT repeater is ideal for people that are required to move between locations within a building or office block as the repeater allows seamless intercell handover from the base station area to the repeater area and vice versa.

Up to six repeaters can be registered to the original base unit so the total range could exceed 500 metres.