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Dialogic®'s CG series of media boards offer an extremely versatile platform which can be used in conjunction with CG APIs for easy implementation into communication solutions for public telephone networks, IP-only and converged IP/circuit switched environments. Through Dialogic's NaturalAccess™ software, developers are able to build and globally deploy a broad range of telephony applications on a single platform.

The most powerful tool in the CG range is its ability to support many standard APIs such as COM port, CAPI, TTY and WAN Miniport. The Diva SDK supports C or C#, .NET and VB.Script, providing programmers with the freedom to write code in their preferred language. The Diva SDK is free to download and comes with 70 samples to help developers understand or use the code as the core for their communication needs.

Designed to provide ease of use, the CG media board range supports up to 16 PSTN trunks and are equipped with high-density Digital Signal Processors (DSPs), high-speed PowerPC co-processors, and built-in IP capabilities. The CG series media boards are an excellent option for a variety of applications from small enterprise call centres and announcement servers, to powerful, high-density service provider ring-back tone platforms and media servers.


  • Allows support for both IP and TDM networks on a single platform, plus redundant IP configurations for high reliability
  • From 1,064 to 12,768 MIPS for media processing (model dependant)
  • NaturalAccess™ Software
  • Provides high-quality audio and clarity
  • Allows developers to choose the most cost-effective board with the correct amount of processing power, whether an application is voice-only, is low-compute-intensive, or requires substantial DSP power
  • Reduces total cost of ownership by increasing flexibility, reducing inventory and simplifying the purchasing process and test effort
  • Uses a consistent set of APIs throughout the CG Series Media Board product line, which support popular operating systems
  • Supports interoperability with other boards in open-architecture, high capacity systems
  • 64 ms echo cancellation tail
  • Full speed H.100/H.110 bus with 4,096 timeslots
  • Dual Ethernet interfaces that can be used either as two independent subnets or in automatic failover mode that switches traffic to an alternate interface without interrupting in-progress calls
  • Software-selectable T1 or E1 digital trunks

CG Media Boards


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Dialogic CG Media Boards
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Dialogic CG Media Boards
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