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Dialogic Diva Media Boards


Dialogic®'s Diva Media Board range is an extremely versatile platform which can be used in conjunction with Diva APIs for easy implementation into any communication infrastructure. Available in a variety of sizes, the Diva range offers cards which support the following connectivity:

  • Multi-span E1/T1/PRI (ISDN) Boards
  • BRI (ISDN) Boards
  • E1/T1/PRI (ISDN) Boards
  • Analogue Boards

The most powerful tool in the Diva range is its ability to support many standard APIs such as COM port, CAPI, TTY and WAN Miniport. The Diva SDK supports C or C#, .NET and VB.Script, providing programmers with the freedom to write code in their preferred language. The Diva SDK is free to download and comes with 70 samples to help developers understand or use the code as the core for their communication needs.

Designed to provide ease of use, Dialogic®'s Diva Media Boards reduce the total cost of deployment by integrating with existing servers to provide a high-level conversion tool which can be modified to your individual requirements through an intelligent DSP. With the ability to add 2 - 960 channels there's a board for every eventuality.

Typical usage scenarios for Diva Media Boards include:

  • Unified messaging
  • Unified communications
  • IVR (DTMF and speech-enabled)
  • Contact centres
  • Conferencing server (including high-quality conferences with up to 360 active speakers)
  • Basic voice
  • CTI
  • Call recording/tapping (call monitoring, HiZ - High Impedance)
  • Network and protocol test equipment
  • M2M (Machine to Machine) communication
  • Point of Sales (POS)
  • Remote meter reading
  • Remote Access (RAS)
  • Other telephony applications


  • Onboard CPU with large RAM and powerful FPGA chip for fast data streaming between the host CPU, the DSPs, the phone line and other active components
  • One powerful DSP dedicated to each communications channel
  • Sophisticated hardware design
  • Conforms to plug & play standards
  • Implements most supplementary services and many different analogue signaling protocols
  • Pulse and tone dialling
  • Voice packetisation into Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP), adaptive jitter buffer, voice compression and Comfort Noise Generation (varies on board-type)
  • Supports the same programming interfaces as other Dialogic® Diva® Media Boards: CAPI, Dialogic® Diva® APIs and others
  • Up to eight Diva Media Boards of the same or different types can operate concurrently in a single server

Diva Analogue Boards

BRI Boards

E1/T1/PRI (ISDN) Boards


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This product comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

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Dialogic Diva Media Boards
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Dialogic Diva Media Boards
High Resolution | Web | Thumb
Dialogic Diva Media Boards
High Resolution | Web | Thumb