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Q: What is the default system PIN and login for the web interface?

A: From the factory the PIN and login are set to 0000 (four zeros). If this doesn't work please perform a factory reset as below.

Factory Reset

How do I factory reset the system?

In the menus on the handset: "Menu"- "Settings" - "Base" - "Base Reset" "OK"

Q: I don't know the system PIN, how can I reset it?

A: Unplug the power supply unit from the socket.
Press and hold down the paging key on the base station.
Plug in the power-supply unit again.
Keep the paging key on the base station pressed for 7 more seconds. PLEASE NOTE! After the power-supply unit has been plugged in, the paging key must not be held down for longer than thirty seconds. If it is, you will hear a loud noise!!! The noise can be stopped by carrying out the reset again.
The entire contents of the memory will be deleted.
All portable handsets will be deregistrationed.
The system code will be reset to 0000.

SIP Registration Problems

Q: The phone will not register with my VoIP service provider or PBX system, what is wrong?

A: There are three settings in the telephony section of the web interface:

  • Domain
  • Registrar
  • Proxy

Usually all three will need the same setting in and this will be either the IP address of the PBX or the proxy/registrar server name given by your VoIP service provider.
Outbound Proxy is not the same as the normal Proxy setting. Only put a value into Outbound Proxy if your VoIP service provider has specifically given you an Outbound Proxy setting.

General Usage

Q: How can I force the phone to send a call through my analogue phone line?

A: Dial a number as normal but press and hold the green "dial" button rather than pressing and releasing it. This will cause the call to go over the analogue phone line.

Q: Do the Gigaset IP DECT phones support SIP Message-Waiting-Indication?

A: The S450IP, C475IP and S685IP support SIP MWI at the time of writing.
Note There is a known bug in certain versions of the popular Asterisk PBX system. You need an Asterisk version 1.4 or higher for MWI to work with Gigaset phones. The reason is because Asterisk does not follow the rules for the Call-ID value of SIP messages according to RFC3265 section 3.3.4. Please do not report this as a Gigaset bug because it isn't! Furthermore, it is possible the same bug exists in other SIP systems, the Call-ID in the Notify message should match the Call-ID in the preceding Subscribe message.
Web browse to the Gigaset phone web interface, go to 'settings' -> 'telephony' -> 'Network Mailbox'. For the connection you want MWI with, enter the voicemail access number into the 'Call Number' box and tick the 'Active' box. This will make the Gigaset phone subscribe to the mailbox status.

Q: How do I perform call transfer on a Gigaset phone?


  • Answer call.
  • Left soft key- ext call (caller hears hold music).
  • Phone number- dial number, press send.
  • Can select between the two calls using the up and down keys.
  • Right soft key- press to conference all 3 users.
  • Left soft key- press option, select down to call transfer.

You can also web browse to the base unit's IP address to change the settings in order to 'hang up' on call transfers automatically rather than perform an attended call transfer.