Please note the Gigaset S685 IP is no longer avaliable.
You may be happy to know that the S685IP base station is compatible with the new Gigaset handsets and the S68 handset is compatible the new N300 base stations and the DX800A (some features may be limited) Gigaset DECT compatibility guide

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Gigaset S685 IP DECT Phone and Base Station

Please note: Gigaset DECT products are designed for use within the UK only. Using them outside this region will void your warranty.

Next Generation Cordless IP Phone with Bluetooth Technology and Wide Band Audio.

Latest Technology

Handling both land line and VoIP calls simultaneously, the S685 IP features the very latest wide-band audio standard for much improved HD voice quality. The next generation CAT-iq DECT technology also ensures much better reliability than Wifi phones.

3 Simultaneous Calls

The DECT base station can handle three simultaneous calls, two over broadband Internet (VoIP) and one over the normal land-line.

Easy Set Up

The handset's menu contains all the main UK VoIP Service Providers and their configuration settings are loaded automatically at the touch of a button. To change between Internet and fixed-line telephony all users need to do is press or hold the green call key.

Integrated Answer Phone

With 30 minutes recording time the S685 IP can record calls from both the Internet (VoIP) and the land line and also functions when any other line is in use.

Business or Home Use

As many as six additional handsets can be registered with the base station and six different extensions or VoIP accounts configured to the handsets. This makes the S685 IP ideal for businesses and residential users that require an expandable phone system with multiline calling for up to six handsets, without having the expense of installing additional land lines or multiple base stations.

The Gigaset range offers full interoperability between handsets and base stations.


  • Dual mode VoIP/landline cordless phone
  • Integrated answer phone with 30 minutes recording time
  • Range: Indoors 50 meters- Outdoors 300 meters
  • Talk time 10 hours- Standby 180 hours
  • 250 Entry phone directory
  • Internal and External call transfer
  • 3 way call conference
  • Convenient hands-free talking
  • Handset can display Internet information services via RSS feeds
  • Easy configuration on Internet telephony (VoIP) with or without a PC
  • Up to 3 calls in parallel: 2 VoIP calls and 1 fixed line call with multiple handsets
  • Register up to 6 additional handsets with up to 6 different VoIP accounts


Gigaset S685 IP DECT Phone and Base Station

Gigaset S685 IP DECT Phone and Base Station

RRP: £85.10+VAT
Availability: No longer avaliable

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In the box

  • Handset
  • Handset Charger
  • Stand-alone Base Station (IP+PSTN)
  • 2 Standard AAA Batteries (NiMH)
  • 2 Power Supply Units (base and handset charger)
  • 1 Telephone Cord
  • 1 Ethernet Cable
  • 1 Quick Start Guide (poster)