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Intelligent Recording IP TAP

This product is no longer available from ProVu

The XtR ipTap offers a simple plug-n-play solution for recording desktop IP Telephones. Simply connect to the IP Telephone line, connect to your desktop PC via USB and you have a powerful business recording tool right on your desktop.

Most IP Call Recorders rely on the use of Ethernet Cards within a PC to record IP Phones, this means they need serious configuration and in many cases (where a company has a separate IP Phone and data network), they require a second Ethernet card to tap into the IP telecom network. This ‘Double Ethernet’ configuration issue complicates things and causes many to look elsewhere. Look no further.

The XtR ipTap Phone Recorder comes complete with Desktop PC Phone Recording Software to make a complete Call Recording Solution to meet nearly any Phone Call Recording requirement.


  • Plug n play, installed and configured to Record your SIP phone in seconds.
  • Hi Impendence monitor only, does not interfere or transmit in any way.
  • USB device with dedicated drivers that talk directly to the IP Phone Recorder application.
  • Does not require secondary Ethernet or complex reference to IP addresses for installation.
  • Small, easily concealed (only 4.25" x 3" x 1" in size).
  • Low Cost
  • Scalable, from 1 phone to many.

PC Phone Recording Software and Equipment

  • XtR Desktop Phone Call Recording Software comes as standard with XtR ipTap and Telephone Conversation Recorders
  • After-Call Screen Pop - manage archive in real time
  • Automatic or manual recording set through Phone Call Record Software (provided)
  • GSM compression gives 170 hours recording per GByte
  • Time & date stamp on every recording
  • Caller ID and dialed digits detection
  • Recording level indicator
  • Add comments/notes to assist searching
  • Snapshot feature allows playback of current call while still recording
  • Highlight important calls.

Software interface:

XtR recorder interface XtR playback interface