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Jablocom GSM Desktop Phones

Please Note: These products are no longer supplied by ProVu.

ProVu are the sole UK distributor of Jablocom's GSM desktop business phones. These phones are ideal for many applications including temporary offices such as building sites, new offices where there is no network available or remote locations where there may be no infrastructure. These business class phones incorporate all the commonly used business features you would expect of a normal IP phone.

Easy to deploy with Auto Provisioning

One of the really great features of the Jablocom GSM phones is the auto provisioning system. Users simply set up all the settings and features they want applying to certain keys from the provisioning platform and the phones will download these as soon as they are connected.

On-line Phone Management

Another important feature provided by the provisioning platform is the ability to remotely manage the phones. This can be particularly useful for companies who need to control and monitor the phones once deployed.