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Cisco SPA 3102


The Linksys SPA 3102 delivers clear, high-quality voice communication in diverse network conditions. The SPA-3102 is interoperable with common telephony equipment like voicemail, fax, and PBX. The SPA-3102 offers all the key features and capabilities, including the support of secure, standard encryption-based methods for communication, provisioning and servicing.

This unit is a SIP VoIP gateway with connections for 1 Telephone (FXS) and 1 Telephone line (FXO).

The FXO port allows for numerous configurations, including Long line extensions and Inline VoIP replacement. The FXO and FXS port operate as two independent gateways - two separate calls can be carried at the same time.

The unit is able to read UK caller ID on the FXO port, and write UK caller ID on the FXS port.

SPA-3102 diagram


  • 1 FXS Telephone ports (for normal telephone)
  • 1 FXO (phone line port to connect to BT wallsocket)
  • Lan and Wan connection
  • Compact unit
  • UK plug

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This product comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

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Cisco SPA 3102
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