Cisco PAP2T ATA | Linksys | Analog Adapter / VoIP Gateway | ProVu Communications


This product is now end of life and has been replaced with the Cisco SPA112 ATA with Router

This unit is suitable for connecting 2 plain analogue telephones to a SIP service provider, or a SIP iPBX. The two connections operate independently, with a separate SIP account. This in effect gives two telephone lines.

A fax machine can also be connected to one of the lines to provide support for sending faxes over a broadband Internet connection.

Secure Provisioning

The PAP2T supports remote provisioning using XML files transfered over HTTPS using client certificates. This is a very robust and secure mechanism that allows for easy mass deployment.

ProVu can provide a managed provisioning service or can provide advice about setting up your own server.


  • 2 Telephone ports
  • Supports 2 SIP lines
  • Compact unit
  • UK plug
  • Fax Pass-Through