RTX 4024


The RTX 4024 DECT repeater can be used with both the RTX 8430 single-cell DECT solution and the RTX 8630 multi-cell DECT solution. This professional DECT repeater can be used to extend the coverage area of the system's handsets. Up to three repeaters can be used in a system with up to three in a daisy chain setup*.

* Requires a PC tool to set up repeaters daisy chaining


  • Compatible with RTX 8630 and RTX 8430 systems
  • Supports automatic handover of calls between cells
  • Supports wide band audio
  • Up to 3 repeaters per base station
  • Max. 3 repeaters in daisy chain*
  • Handling of 5 active narrow-band calls simultaneously
  • Handling of 2 active wide-band calls simultaneously
  • Automatic registration
  • Easily mounted on walls

* Requires a PC tool to set up repeaters daisy chaining

View RTX 4024 Datasheet for full list of technical specifications

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  • RTX 4024 advanced repeater
  • Wall fitting kit
  • Power adapter


This product comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty

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RTX 4024
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