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Sangoma NetBorder Lync Express


The ONLY all-in-one Lync server appliance with a built-in VoIP gateway.

Lync is specifically designed by Microsoft to be easily integrated within an existing Microsoft environment. Until now, connecting Lync to an existing TDM infrastructure has not been given that same design consideration. A Microsoft engineer would need to integrate Lync with a third party media gateway to connect Lync to the outside world.

Sangoma's Lync Express combines a fully-featured Lync Server with its Lync certified award-winning VoIP gateway, NetBorderTM Express to create the ONLY all-in-one Lync server appliance on the market. All in a simple and elegant appliance.

Lync Express is the all-in-one quick and easy solution to get you up and running in the post PBX era that is Microsoft Lync Unified Communications.

Sangoma NetBorder Lync Express


  • All-in-one turnkey solution in a simple and elegant appliance
  • Enable Microsoft® LyncTM for an SME of up to 100 employees
  • PSTN connectivity assured by Lync certified NetBorderTM Express VoIP Gateway
  • Connect legacy telephony devices to Lync UC services
  • Integrate with Office 365 services with Lync on-premise

Microsoft® LyncTM 2010 is a Unified Communications platform that enables:

Microsoft Lync
  • Presence and instant messaging
  • Audio, video conferencing and collaboration
  • Telephony
  • Deep integration with other Microsoft products

The Lync Express appliance offers a full Microsoft Lync solution with PSTN connectivity built-in. All the software is pre-installed; all that is needed to do is configure Microsoft Lync. For deployments where there is no domain controller present in the customer's Windows network, an optional virtual machine with the domain controller role is available on the appliance.

PSTN Connectivity:

  • 1 T1/E1/J1 span to assure ISDN PRI connectivity to the PSTN
  • 4 FXS lines for legacy telephony devices (faxes and phones)

Ordering Information

  • Lync-NBE-AP01
    Lync Express Box with Single port PRI Card
  • Lync-NBE-AP02
    Lync Express Box with 2 port PRI Card
  • Lync-NBE-APAN
    Lync Express Box with 6 FXO + 2 FXS Card
    Lync Express Box with 4 port BRI and 2 port FXS Card


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Technical details

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This product comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty

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Sangoma NetBorder Lync Express
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