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Sangoma NetBorder SS7


The NetBorder SS7 VoIP gateway appliance is a cost-effective, turnkey solution offering 4 to 32 T1/E1 lines (Up to 256 T1/E1 lines can be achieved by stacking NetBorder SS7 gateways) at a single point code with powerful transcoding capabilities. This product is ideal for applications such as connecting a private branch exchange to the legacy telephone network or providing multiple points of presence to a VoIP network.

The Sangoma SS7 Media Gateway provides full call control routing for SS7 traffic without the need for third party media gateway controllers or protocol converters. Full inter-working is supported across all VoIP and TDM protocols simultaneously, allowing this single multi-protocol TDM to VOIP gateway to be deployed interconnecting differing networks.

The compact, all-in-one design reduces footprint and eliminates the need to source multiple network components to handle media, signalling and routing.

The GUI provides convenient access to most configuration, monitoring and management functions, while a command line interface provides full access to management functions with a minimum of bandwidth consumption.


  • Connect calls between PSTN and VoIP networks
  • Integrated media gateway, signalling gateway and media gateway controller
  • Compatible with distributed architecture
  • Scalable, carrier-grade
  • Highly interoperable with other system types
  • Supports a wide range of codecs for VoIP, PSTN and wireless
  • Supports a wide range of SS7 and VoIP signalling protocols
  • Sophisticated call routing

Tecnical Specification

PSTN Protocols:

  • SS7-ISUP: ITU, ANSI, Bellcore, UK, China, India, SPIROU (France), Russian variants
  • Up to 16 A or F signalling links
  • Up to 16 Originating Point Codes
  • Up to 16 Destination Point Codes
  • Up to 16 Linksets
  • ISUP relay for larger configurations

PSTN Interfaces:

  • Up to 32 E1/T1 (960 ports) per server, available in these configurations:
    » 4 E1/T1 in 1U appliance
    » 8 E1/T1 in 1U appliance
    » 16 E1/T1 in 2U appliance
    » 32 E1/T1 in 2U appliance
  • Extend capacity over 960 ports and single server via ISUP relay feature
  • RJ-48 Connectors

VoIP Protocols:

  • SIP V2/RFC3261
  • SCTP RFC 2960
  • Megaco/H248
  • H.323

Codec Transcoding:

  • Any-to-any
  • No combination or loading restrictions
  • AMR
  • G.711
  • G.711.1
  • G.722
  • G.722.1
  • G.722.2 (AMR-WR)
  • G.723.1
  • G.726
  • G.729A
  • G.729AB
  • GSM-FR
  • iLBC
  • L8 (Linear 8K)
  • L16 (Linear 16K)
  • T.38 (fax)

Echo Cancellation:

  • G.168-2002 with 128ms tail
  • Jitter buffer

DTMF Detection and Generation:

  • RFC2833 Tone relay
  • In-band
  • DTMF detection and generation

Call Routing:

  • Flexible XML-based dial plan and routing rules
  • Any-to-any routing

Management and Configuration:

  • Web GUI
  • Command line interface
  • Call detail records in XML format
  • Detailed logs with user configurable file size and auto-rotation
  • SNMP
  • Radius
  • System backup/restore/copy


  • Per-call tracing (history and/or live)
  • Signalling capture tools
  • Command line interface
  • GUI

Session Management and Billing:

  • SIP peer availability polling
  • RTP inactivity monitoring, RTCP
  • CDR generation (RADIUS and text file)

Network Interfaces:Video:

  • 2 RJ-45 Ethernet ports
    » 1 for VoIP
    » 1 for management interface
  • 1U Appliance
    » 4 USB ports in the back
  • 2U Appliance
    » 4 USB ports
    - 2 in the front
    - 2 in the back


  • 1 DVI output port

AC Power:

  • 250W universal for 1U solution
  • 350W universal for 2U solution
  • DC 400W -48V for 2U (Special Order)


  • 1U : 480.4(W) x 474(D) x 44(H) mm; 19”(W) x 18.7”(D) x 1.7”(H)
  • 2U: 482(W) x 441.6(D) x 88.4(H) mm; 19”(W) x 17.4”(D) x 3.5”(H)

Ordering Information


SKU Spans Signalling Links Box
SS7-NSG-AP04 4 4 1U
SS7-NSG-AP08 8 8 1U
SS7-NSG-AP16 16 16 2U
SS7-NSG-AP32 32 32 2U

Usage Scenarios

SIP Network to SS7 Interconnection usage scenario

SIP Network to SS7 Interconnection

Connect a VoIP network to the PSTN, providing connections between SIP phones and conventional and mobile phones.

High-Density Call Completion Platforms usage scenario

High-Density Call Completion Platforms

A carrier can provide a low-cost long distance alternative using NetBorder SS7 gateways.

Support & Downloads

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Support is offered by Sangoma engineers. Whether you need technical support, software maintenance, training, consultation or installation services, Sangoma can help you. Contact your Sales representative at ProVu for more information.


  • 1 year manufacturers Warranty