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Alpha Numeric dialling

Q: How do you dial alpha numeric SIP addresses with a Sipura phone?

A: To do alpha-numeric dialling on a Sipura phone you need to set "enable IP dialling" to yes.

SPA-3000 - PBX extension problems

Q: When trying to place a call from the SPA-3000 over the PBX system I get an engaged-style tone all the time.

A: By far the most common problem with PBX extensions is the differences in line voltage between different makes and models of PBX. Changing the setting on the PSTN Line tab of the SPA-3000 configuration called "line in use voltage" to "20" often fixes the problem.

SPA-3000 - Long Line extension

Q: We would like to connect 2 Sipura devices back to back, without a SIP server to make a longline extension.

A: This can be done by adding hotline rules into the dial plans. Please read the various back-to-back guides in the Support section.

Password Protection

Q: Sipura ATA boxes - we would like to be able to "lock" them down to retain integrity of the routing, when installed into a clients operation. Is there a facility to password protect access to the set up and routing screens?

A: Yes. There are 2 usernames and passwords you can set.

user: user settings like speed dials
admin: The network settings.

To change, logon to web interface, admin login, advanced, system tab. On this page you can set the user and admin passwords.

Poor Audio quality in SPA-841 IP phone

Q: The SPA-841 has poor audio quality. Is there a way of turning up the audio gain?

A: Please make sure that you are running firmware version 3.1.2a or higher. This provides much better quality

You can download the latest Sipura firmware from

Number of lines SPA-841 and 941 IP phones

Q: Do the SPA-841 and SPA-941 have 2 or 4 lines?

A: By default the SPA-841 and 941 have 2 call lines. The phones can be upgraded to 4 lines by purchasing an upgrade licence key from