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ProVu Snom Configuration Screen Branding

In addition to the standard Snom phone configuration services that ProVu currently make available to ITSPs and phone resellers, we are now able to offer a new customised Snom handset screen branding.

The branding service allows our customers to display their chosen custom logos on the screens of the Snom 360, Snom 370 and Snom 820 ranges of IP Phones, either for their own use or for their end users use.

Snom with custom idle screen

How It Works

The reseller provides ProVu with the logo/screen design in suitable format.

  • Snom 360 - Black and White
  • Snom 370 - Grey Scale
  • Snom 820 - Colour!

The logo should be kept simple for maximum effect.

ProVu then develop a series of customer logo configuration files, these are then used by ProVu to configure the phones at the same time as the standard configuration work is completed.


It is expected that most resellers will want to display their logos for marketing and PR purposes, plus key contact information as part of the Branding.

Other Points

Timing - allow a working 5 days for initial configuration from receipt of your logo.

Volume - A minimum configuration fee of £20 per configuration update applies.

ProVu Demonstration

ProVu will download a demonstration screen brand to all approved Snom account customers onto the resellers of Snom 360, Snom 370 or Snom 820. The Snom 370 or Snom 820 is preferred for anything other than basic logos as the screen resolution is higher.

Please contact ProVu for pricing and further details.