ProVu Commuications - Snom VoIP Telephone Distributor

Snom IP Telephones - technical questions

This page tries to answer the questions that technical people always ask about the Snom phones

Admin password

The default password for administrator mode is 0000

Web Administration

The Snom phones have a comprehensive web interface that allows you to modify most settings.

ProVu have a demonstration of the web interface online - a mirror copy of a real phone so you can see what there is to change.

Remote Provisioning

All Snom phones can read a configuration file from a http server. This allows for a large number of phones to be very easily managed.

If you manage a large number of Snom phones then ProVu can arrange to run a configuration server for you. Alternatively we can redirect phones to talk to your own configuration server.

This combination allows for service providers to ship phones that are ready to plug in and go, but without opening the boxes first.

Snom firmware files

On Modern Snom phones (snom 190, Snom300, Snom320, Snom360) the firmware is split into 3 separate files.

-l - Linux Image
-r - Ramdisk Image
-j - Application

These are all updated using the firmware line in the web interface. Normally only the application image would need upgrading.