How to make an SPA-3102 work like an SPA-3000

To make it forget the router bit exists. Same works for SPA-2102.

The box has 2 ethernet interfaces. Confusingly they have different name on the box as they do in the web interface.

The 2 connections are:

  • Ethernet - called LAN in the web interface
  • Internet - called WAN in the web interface

By default, LAN acts as a DHCP server. WAN acts as DHCP client.

The web inferface is disabled on the WAN side.


  1. Connect a PC with DHCP client to the Ethernet connection
    The PC should automatically acquire an IP address, it might be necessary to restart networking or just the whole computer so it gets a new IP address
  2. web browse to or
  3. click Admin, advanced, Wan Setup
  4. Find the setting for `Enable WAN Web Server` and set to yes. Submit all changes.
  5. Disconnect unit. Put a sticky label/tape over the Ethernet(LAN) interface.

You now have a unit that will behave just like an SPA-3000. The only difference is you have to click on `Voice` to see all the voice settings. Auto configuration scripts should work just the same.