Thomson SpeedTouch 780WL

This product is now end of life, check out the Technicolor TG582n as an alternative product

Key features

  • ADSL router
  • Upstream QOS
  • 2 Telephone ports

ADSL router with 2 FXS ports and QOS

This is an ADSL router with two FXS ports that allow for normaltelephones to be connected to a VoIP service provider.

This unit is also able to offer upstream traffic priotisation - allowing your outbound audio to be unaffected by your internet usage.

The 780WL provides Ethernet and USB connectivity for connecting up to five computers directly, plus high speed 54Mbit/s wireless for connection without the hassle of wired connections.

SpeedTouch 780WL integrates Voice over IP technology for making and receiving telephone calls over the internet. Simply connect up a standard telephone handset or DECT base station and then setup to use Voice over IP.