Application for Trade Credit Account

You need to be a ProVu reseller in order to apply for a trade account. Fill in our online reseller form. Once you are trading with us regularly you may wish to open a Trade Credit Account. To do this you will need to complete our credit application form below.


This application will be processed as quickly as possible (approx 48 hours).

  • ProVu collect and review submitted details.
  • ProVu contact your trade references.
  • ProVu may need more information, for which we will contact you.
  • ProVu set credit limit and notify you of the amount.

Application Form

Company Details

Current Trading Reference 1

Current Trading Reference 2

Order Details

In applying for credit facilities I/we agree to the terms and conditions offered by ProVu Communications Ltd in particular payment within 30 days of invoice, and retention of the title ie: goods remain the property of ProVu Communications Ltd until paid in full. I/we consent to the bank detailed above supplying bankers reference on me/us to ProVu Communications Ltd.