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2N® EasyGate


GSM to Analogue Gateway

The 2N EasyGate is a single channel Analogue GSM gateway allowing users to save money on calls to mobile via GSM networks. This solution will allow users to make calls, connect to the internet and send analogue faxes. It offers users the functionality of a fixed line but takes full advantage of cheap or free mobile minutes.

The 2N EasyGate is a great solution for those users who do not have a fixed line or those who don't want to rely on it completely. The advanced cost saving and value added features include counting of free minutes on the inserted SIM card and sending / receiving SMS messages from a PC.

Usage Scenarios

  • Small companies with up to 40 employees
  • Home Offices
  • Households in rural areas


  • Significant reduction in cost of calls to mobile / GSM networks
  • Slot for one SIM card
  • Transmit voice, data, analogue fax and SMS over GSM
  • Fixed line replacement
  • Free minute counter
  • SMS send/receive via web interface
  • Simple installation, maintenance and upgrade



  • 2N® EnergyBank A battery source for back up power in the event power failure. For use with the 2N analogue GSM gateways (501399E)
  • SMS user basic license (502999E)

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This product comes with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty. An extra 1, 2 & 3 years extended warranty can be purchased.

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2N® EasyGate
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