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2N® IP Vario - Model Selector

The 2N® IP Vario range of door intercom systems consists of a wide range of integrated systems that cover most access control requirements. Just select the right unit for your application from the single button unit with no camera right up to the 6 button unit with camera, keypad and LCD display that allows visitors to scroll through a list of contacts. If more than 6 buttons are required there are 8 and 16 button extender models available, ideal as add on for multi-tenant housing or offices. There are also options for RFID readers and being compatible with most modern IP telephone systems and hosted telephony platforms the Vario range is ideal for all types of business both large and small.

Order code IP Buttons Display Camera Keypad RFID ready *
9137111U 9137111U yes 1 No No No yes
9137111CU 9137111CU yes 1 No yes No yes
9137131U 9137131U yes 3 No No No yes
9137131CU 9137131CU yes 3 No yes No yes
9137161U 9137161U yes 6 No No No yes
9137161CU 9137161CU yes 6 No yes No yes
9137111KU 9137111KU yes 1 No No yes yes
9137111CKU 9137111CKU yes 1 No yes yes yes
9137131KU 9137131KU yes 3 No No yes yes
9137131CKU 9137131CKU yes 3 No yes yes yes
9137161KU 9137161KU yes 6 No No yes yes
9137161CKU 9137161CKU yes 6 No yes yes yes
9137160KDU 9137160KDU yes 6 yes No yes yes
9137160CKDU 9137160CKDU yes 6 yes yes yes yes

* To enable the RFID features an internal card reader needs to be installed (Order code: 9137430E)