2N® Helios IP Verso


The new smart looking Verso system from 2N has been developed as a modular system so that it can be configured to fit your customers specific requirements.

The options include multiple button components, wide angled camera, keypad and RFID reader, plus the Verso also has visual alerts as standard which makes it ideal for locations such as public areas where disabled people may need to gain access.

The Verso is expandable to include up to 146 buttons and brings a new level of functionality and elegance to the 2N range of Door Intercoms.

Examples of Solutions

2N Helios IP Verso with 5 buttons 2N Helios IP Verso with Keypad 2N Helios IP Verso with Infopanel 2N Helios IP Verso with Infopanel 2N Helios IP Verso with keypad, 5 buttons and RFID


  • Flexible modular based system
  • Expandable for growing businesses
  • Integration with third-party CCTV systems with ONVIF support
  • Optional HD camera with infrared light and night vision
  • Optional 13.56 MHz smart card reader with NFC support
  • Up to 146 buttons
  • Visual alerts which show the status of a call (Inactive, Ringing, In call, Door Open) Ideal for use scenario to support users who are hard of hearing
  • Programmable scripts for actions and reactions
  • NextGen html5 web configurator
  • Connectable external IP camera
  • Attendance system
  • 2 years manufacturers warranty (extended warranty up to 5 years)

Ordering Information

As the Verso is a modular based system, solutions can be built to your specification. Here are examples of how the modules fit neatly together. Surface or flush mount frames will be required see Mounting Options in Accessories tabs for more information. The base unit is available with or without camera and comes with a single button and LED visual alerts which show the status of a call. (Inactive, Ringing, In call, Door Open). There is a choice of modules: 5 button, Keypad, Info panel, and card reader

Base units



Mounting Options

The 2N Verso can be flush or surface mounted

IP Applications

  • 2N® Access Commander - a software tool for the management of 2N IP intercoms, access control units and employee attendance.
  • 2N® Helios IP Eye - is a freely available application. When someone calls at the door a video window pops up automatically and you can immediately see who is standing at the door. You can also unlock the door or turn on the light, directly from the application window. (Only available with 2N IP models that include a camera)
  • 2N® Helios IP Network Scanner - The 2N Helios IP® Network Scanner is a simple, freely available application for locating intercoms from the 2N® Helios IP family in the network.

Licences and Upgrades

  • 2N® Helios IP Licence - Enhanced Audio (9137905)
  • 2N® Helios IP Licence - Enhanced Video (9137906)
  • 2N® Helios IP Licence - Enhanced Integration (9137907)
  • 2N® Helios IP Licence - Enhanced Security (9137908)
  • 2N® Helios IP Licence - NFC (9137915)
  • 2N® Helios IP Licence - Gold Licence (All the above) (9137909)
  • 2N® Helios IP Licence - G.729 codec Licence (9137902)
  • 2N® Helios IP Licence - InformaCast Licence (9137910)

Find out more about 2N's Licences.

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2N® Helios IP Verso (basic units)
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2N® Helios IP Verso (modules)
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