2N® IP Intercom Licences

2N have a variety of licences which unlock useful features within their IP intercoms. We have created the table below detailing some of the features available and which licence is required.

Licensed features

Feature Licence Where you might use it
802.1x protocol Enhanced Security (9137908) Your LAN makes use of the highly secure 802.1x protocol to authenticate devices such as laptops, phones and IP intercoms.
Audio and video streaming to RTSP server Enhanced Video (9137906) You have your own video recorder or CCTV system and want to integrate the intercom's camera into that.
Audio loop test Enhanced Audio (9137905) You want to test the speaker and microphones, this is only really used for troubleshooting.
Automatic provisioning Enhanced Integration (9137907) You have a large site or multiple sites and wish to be able to manage all the intercoms easily.
Automation Enhanced Integration (9137907) In a home or office automation set up, you may wish to release the door automatically if a fire alarm sounds, for example.
Custom user sounds Enhanced Audio (9137905) You want to play a greeting message when the door is opened, or relay instructions to a visitor.
Digital PTZ of video stream Enhanced Video (9137906) You want to be able to control the video feed remotely and zoom in on a specific area outside your premises.
Extended lock control Enhanced Integration (9137907) You want to be able to control the lock from a quick dial button or set time profiles for the switch (for example never unlock between 8PM and 6AM).
External camera support Enhanced Video (9137906) You have a different camera that is not part of the intercom system that you want it to be able to use as if it were.
FTP picture upload Enhanced Integration (9137907) You would like to upload images from the camera to an FTP server, either all the time or at certain times.
Motion detection Enhanced Video (9137906) You wish to activate a light outside the door when someone gets close to it, regardless of whether they are visiting or not.
NFC Functionality NFC (9137915 or 916012 for Access Unit) You want your employees to be able to use their mobile phones*, travel cards, any ID cards etc. in addition to, or instead of, RFID keyfobs or cards.
Noise detection Enhanced Audio (9137905) Similar to the motion detection, you may wish to activate the camera if a loud noise is heard outside.
ONVIF support Enhanced Video (9137906) You want to integrate the intercom's video into a 3rd party CCTV system.
Picture to email (SMTP client) Enhanced Integration (9137907) If the intercom's tamper switch is activated, you may email yourself photos of the culprit without them knowing. Or if you are away from the building you may want to know who has visited and pressed a button on the intercom.
SIP over TLS Enhanced Security (9137908). Your system already uses TLS.
SNMP Enhanced Integration (9137907) You want to automatically send logs to an SNMP server if something goes wrong.
G.729 codec use G.729 (9137902) Bandwidth is not great, or you have a huge volume of traffic moving through your network, so you want to compress audio wherever you can.
InformaCast paging audio protocol InformaCast (9137910 or 914407E for SIP Audio Convertor) Your onsite PA system uses the InformaCast protocol

Gold Licence

The Gold licence (9137909) will unlock all the features of Enhanced Audio, Video, Security, Integration and NFC. This is good if you are wanting a variety of licensed features.

*NFC Licence

NFC capabilities on mobile phones require the 2N Mobile Key app which is downloadable for free from the Google Play store, and currently only available on phones with Android 4.0 or higher and an NFC chip with Host Card Emulation (HCE). This is not currently available for iOS.

The NFC Licence is only applicable to certain card readers for the Force and Verso - these are 9151017 and 9151019 for the Force and 9155040 and 9155042 for the Verso. If you want to purchase an NFC Licence for the standalone Access Control Unit, it is a different part code - 916012.

Trial Licence

There is a demo Gold Licence available through the intercom's web interface, allowing for 800 hours of the supported features, this is disabled by default so that it doesn't run out without the user's knowledge. However there is no trial available for the G.729 and InformaCast licence.

How to order

You can place orders through ProSys Ordering alternatively you can email contact@provu.co.uk or call us on 01484 840048. If you have already purchased the intercom that you want the licence applying to, we will require its serial number.

Which licence does my intercom support?

  • The IP Force, Safety, Vario, Verso, Solo and Video Kit support all of the licensed features.
  • The Audio Kit supports all except the G.729 Licence.
  • The IP Uni does not support any licensed features.
  • The Vario models with a display (9137160CKDU and 9137160KDU) and the SIP Audio Converter both come with a preloaded Gold Licence (InformaCast and G.729 available as upgrades).
  • The standalone Access Control Unit comes with preloaded Enhanced Integration and Security Licences (the other licences, except NFC, are not applicable).