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3CX Session Border Control on Raspberry Pi 3B+


3CX's powerful SBC software can now be supplied as an appliance on a Raspberry Pi 3B+. Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses, schools and small hotels, the SBC on a Pi can offer support for up to 20 extensions and 20 simultaneous calls with a maximum of 200 BLF keys across all devices (10 per device).

With in-built 3CX Tunnel, the 3CX SBC keeps media streams local to offer a secure deployment between the hosted PBX and your customers' site. In addition to this, the soluiton also allows remote management of all supported end points, eliminates firewall issues and encrypts voice traffic through the SBC.

Available in two options, the 3CX-Raspberry Pi solution can be supplied pre-installed ready for you to add your own settings or we can configure the device for you so it is ready to work automatically out-of-the-box, enabling you to significantly reduce your deployment time.

In order to become a 3CX reseller, you will need to become a registered 3CX partner, for more information, please visit the 3CX website.


  • Enables easy expansion of existing 3CX systems
  • Compatible with a wide range of IP Phones
  • Easy to install and manage
  • Supports up to 20 extensions and 20 simultaneous calls
  • Up to 10 BLF keys available per connected device (maximum of 200 per system)
  • Available with or without configuration
  • Traffic remains in LAN
  • Eliminate fire wall issues
  • Remotely manage all supported end points from the hosted PBX

Visit the 3CX Edition Comparison for full list of features

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Certified Phones

Below is a list of fully supported IP Phones, available from ProVu. For the full list of compatible phones, please see 3CX's supported IP Phone guide