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Castel Bespoke Intercoms

Castel have a wide range of high quality, stainless steel, professional intercoms available off-the-shelf that will suit most use cases. These models offer options for 1, 2, 3 or 4 buttons, Braille keypad, video camera, visual signals and card readers.

However, we know that sometimes you will be faced with more unique customer requirements which require more options than the standard units can fulfil. With their complete bespoke design and build service, Castel can help you achieve the most complex user specifications.

Reasons for wanting a custom made solution

Overcome limitations

Users may opt for a bespoke approach if they are looking to replace an old intercom or perhaps have other limitations set by the space that is available for an install. Or there may be cases where certain specifications are imposed, for example, a listed building may require a specific material in order to pass planning permission.

Personal preference

Other reasons may be down to personal aesthetic preference for example, the customer may want it to fit in with the style of their building and environment or simply want their intercom to make a statement.

Customisations Castel can offer

  • Choice of materials including brass, bronze, anodised colours and stainless steel
  • Custom finishes
  • Flexible choice of layout
  • Different buttons
  • Logos and engravings
  • Bespoke mounting options and posts