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IP intercoms on the highway

Highways are one of the unique environments where IP door entry devices can be installed not for the traditional means of access but for simple emergency point-to-point calling. And with them being outside and exposed to the elements units will need to withstand extreme temperatures, rain and possibly vandalism. Therefore the units will need to be extremely robust, highly visible and simple to use.

The big advantage with IP intercoms for Highways is that they can be managed and configured remotely online. So should any technical problems arise they can be handled remotely from the office and without the need to send out an engineer to site.

Important features to consider:

  • SOS Communication
  • Weather proof
  • Protection from extreme temperatures
  • Vandal resistant
  • Highly visible

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Case Studies:

  • 2N - Safety on Mexico highways
    In Mexico there was a construction of new highways in the western part of the country, between Durango and Mazatlán. Company Acaxes was solving problem to do intercommunication of SOS points on highways. Especially they were looking for product which can work on VoIP and SIP technology which can be integrated with the fibre optics network.


2N Helios IP Safety2N IP Safety
Robust IP intercom for 2-way communication between locations