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Cityline door entry systems

The ProTalk range is no longer available to buy from ProVu. Check out the other products in our range of IP Intercoms

The ProTalk IP Door Entry systems are designed for outside use and connect with most SIP based IP PBXs and hosted telephony services. - view full list of compatible PBXs and Hosted VoIP platforms.

The unit has a stylish finish that will fit into any environment with the option of flush or surface mounting. The unit is easy installation for outdoor or indoor use. When a visitor presses a button you can identify them by speaking and seeing them via an IP phone like a snom 821 or via the free pop-up software that will display the video image on a PC monitor. Find out more information on video integration.

Cityline IP (SIP) door entry system contains:

  • With or without IP camera
  • Microphone
  • Audio speaker
  • Two buttons
  • There is also a choice of Flush mount or Surface mount installation boxes.

The Cityline also has the ability to program a combination lock using the two buttons, allowing authorised personnel to gain access by entering the specified code via the two buttons.


  • Weather resistance, this mean the unit will not show the signs of ageing over time.
  • Includes built-in powerful high performance amplifier
  • Volume control to adjust the conversation level.
  • Amplifier emits a safety message warning the visitor that the door is open. ("The door is open. Please close the door behind you")
  • Includes a highly sensitive CCD Camera with 3.7mm lens.
  • Camera has an adjustable view angle can be changed + - 10 degrees vertically
  • Additional night vision lighting with 6 LEDS
  • Push buttons include a card slot to insert a label with the extension details for example flat number, business name or logos.
  • The push buttons are permanently lit for use in the dark.
  • Opening time is adjustable from the keypad.
  • WEB based programming
  • iOS (iPhone, iPad) install iDinsk Lite softphone application on your iPhone / iPad to receive videocalls from the IP video door entry intercom
  • PoE or 12V power supply.
  • Supports Power over Ethernet
Doorphone Diagram

Usage Scenarios

  • Residential areas
  • Single family houses
  • Offices and businesses
  • Industry and companies

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