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Sangoma PBXact UC Systems

Sangoma's PBXact UC phone systems offer a fully customisable IP PBX. Based on FreePBX, which is the world's most popular open source phone system with over 2 million active installations and tens of millions of users. PBXact UC has a range of systems to match customer requirements and has been designed with the end user in mind therefore requiring little or no training. The PBXact UC phone systems supports as many users as required and is designed for businesses needing a fully featured, commercially supported, communication solution.

Available as a physical device or as a software license, with PBXact you can create the solution you require. PBX administrators and developers can also customise the software to integrate third party applications and create a custom purpose built solution for their needs.

PBXact delivers all the basic phone system features plus enhanced applications to create a flexible customisable solution. Enhanced features include; call recording reports, extension reports and a range of call centre features plus much more! More details of the advanced features of PBXact can be seen in the PBXact brochure.

External voice connectivity is possible with Sangoma's range of VoIP Gateways, Session Border Controllers and Telephony Cards. PBXact UC is designed to work seamlessly with all Sangoma IP phones, offering phone side user applications and other enhanced functionality. The Sangoma phones offer zero-touch installation, once plugged in the phones will automatically detect the system and provision themselves. These systems from Sangoma come with wide range of commercial add-ons already pre-installed including Call Recording Reports, Class of Service, Conference Pro, XMPP Pro and SysAdmin Pro.

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PBXact Hardware

PBXact is available in various appliance platforms, all of which are certified by Sangoma's quality assurance team to exceed performance demands.

All Sangoma hardware carries a one year warranty with options to extend.