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Sangoma Vega 400G


E1/T1 ISDN 30 - Digital Media Gateway

The Vega 400G is a next generation ISDN 30 VoIP gateway superseding the old Vega 400 system. The new system is even better value for money than its predecessor and is also easy to provision using Sangoma's online SNAP (Sangoma Network Appliance Provisioning) tool. The Vega 400G is available in versions allowing 30, 60, 90 or 120 simultaneous calls. Systems can be upgraded from 30 channels to 60, 90 or 120 channels using licences at a later stage, this makes it an ideal solution for a growing business. In the event of a WAN failure the Local Survivability* feature will let the IP phones behind the gateway call each other, be routed to a back up switch or through the PSTN. The Vega 400G is perfect for redundancy and failover scenarios.


  • Connect digital telephony equipment to IP networks
  • 4 x E1/T1 interfaces
  • Flexible configurations from 30 - 120 VoIP calls
  • Supports dual gigabit Ethernet connections
  • Local Survivability*
  • Voice, FAX and modem support
  • Flexible call routing for fallback and least cost routing
  • Emergency PSTN backup
  • Support SIP and T.38 Fax
  • Interoperable with a wide range of telecommunications and VoIP equipment
  • Qualified for Microsoft® Lync 2013 and Skype for Business 2015
  • Interopable with the Broadsoft platform

VoIP interfaces

  • SIP
  • Audio codecs: G.711 (a-law/μ-law) (64 kbps), G.729a (8kbps), G.723.1 (5.3/6.4 kbps), G.726
  • FAX support – up to G3 FAX, using T.38
  • Modem support – up to V.90, using G.711
  • Up to 120 VoIP channels

Telephony Interfaces

  • E1: Euro-ISDN, ISO QSIG, VN4, CAS R2MFC, CAS Private Wire
  • T1: NI1/NI2, AT&T 5ESS, DMS100, CAS Private Wire, CAS (RBS), ISO QSIG

* Local Survivability (also known as Enhanced Network Proxy) is a licensed feature. Please contact us for pricing.


Licence Upgrades