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It's clear BroadSoft is a major player in the hosted VoIP market. Many major telecoms service providers have chosen BroadSoft as its hosted platform. In fact, BroadSoft have more than 500 telecommunications service providers as customers; delivering personalised communications and entertainment services to businesses and residential subscribers.

We have worked with a number of BroadSoft resellers and done numerous interoperability tests with the products we sell including Snom and our IP door entry phones. The testing procedure is rigorous and involves conducting hundreds of individual tests.

A service provider using BroadSoft may only approve a subset of this list themselves. If in doubt, please speak to your service provider as only they will know for sure which products they have approved for their own service.

BroadSoft Equipment Interop Summary

We supply a wide range of products that have passed BroadSoft's Interoperability testing

Vendor Phones Certification
2N 2N IP's interface Broadsoft Broadworks (Release R17.0)
Aastra 6730i
Algo 8180
cisco SPA-301G
gigaset N510IP (42.238) Broadsoft Broadworks (Release 21.0/21.sp1)
gigaset N720IP (V.34) Broadsoft Broadworks (Release 18.sp1)
polycom VVX 101
VVX 201
VVX 300/310
VVX 400/410
VVX 500
VVX 600
sangoma Vega 50
Vega 400
Vega 5000
Vega 60G
snom D305
BroadWorks (Release 22.0 certified)
snom D712
BroadWorks (Release 22.0 certified)
snom MeetingPoint
Broadsoft Broadworks (Release 21.0/21.sp1)
Yealink T29G (
T27P (
T27G (
T23P (
T23G (
T21 E2 (
T21P E2 (
T19 E2 (
T19P E2 (
Broadsoft Broadworks (Release 21.0/21.sp1)
Yealink T40P (
T41P (
T41S (
T42G (
T42S (
T46G (
T46S (
T48G (
T48S (
Broadsoft Broadworks (Release 21.0/21.sp1)
Yealink W52P base station (
W52H handset (
W56H handset (
Broadsoft Broadworks (Release 21.0/21.sp1)
Yealink CP860 ( Broadsoft Broadworks (Release 21.0/21.sp1)

BroadSoft Products


BroadWorks is a VoIP communications application server that enables ITSPs to offer a comprehensive portfolio of Unified Communication services to the business and consumer sectors.

BroadWorks delivers communication solutions that integrate video, fax, voice and email communications for businesses and consumers worldwide whether through IP PBX/Centrex, Mobile PBX, Business Line, Trunking or consumer solutions.

Find out more information about BroadSoft's BroadWorks


BroadCloudTM is BroadSoft's cloud-based, hosted infrastructure that serves as the foundation for BroadSoft's growing cloud-based communications capabilities.

BroadCloud includes services for both the business and consumer sectors:

  • High definition Video Conferencing
  • Corporate Instant Messaging powered with phone presence, for both desktops and mobiles
  • A suite of Collaboration tools available on a wide range of devices
  • Fixed-line SMS
  • Web-based information services and tools to help keep families organised

Find out more information about BroadSoft's BroadCloud

What is BroadSoft?

BroadSoft is the leading global provider of software that enables mobile, fixed-line and cable service providers to deliver real-time communications over their IP networks.

Services for BroadSoft Resellers

We can redirect phones to your BroadSoft platform as they are dispatched, so that when your customer plugs in their new phone it will connect automatically and download the relevant settings.

This saves money on carriage charges, by having phones drop shipped direct to the end user. This also saves time as there is no need for an engineer to unpack a phone, power it up, insert the provisioning / redirection address, then repack the phone.

auto provisioning Find out more about our auto-provisioning and Redirection service

Find out more about our ordering process with details about drop shipping and white labelling services.

Interoperability Testing

If you require testing on IP phones, SIP gateways or a hosted SIP trunk provider's interoperability with BroadSoft we can conduct this for you, (this will not give you BroadSoft certified status).

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