Snom Accessories

Snom PA1

The Snom PA1 VoIP Public Announcement System can be used as an extension of any public address system, allowing you to connect a loud speaker or PA amplifier up as an extension to a VoIP system.

snom pa1
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Wired Headset

You can connect a wired headset to all Snom phones, achieving productivity gains because you can use your hands while talking on the phone.

snom headset
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EHS Advanced Wireless Adapter

The NEW Snom wireless headset adapter. Designed for maximum productivity in demanding environments. Now works for the entire Snom range - 3xx and 8xx Series.

Wireless adaptor
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Extension Keypad

Connect up to three extension keypad to a Snom 3xx phone (not Snom 300). Each keypad has 42 programmable keys.

snom keypad
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