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2N® SIP Audio Converter


The 2N SIP Audio Converter is a cost effective solution for IP paging and public addressing. This system can make use of existing installed loudspeakers and networking cable, and because it can be powered via PoE no additional power cables are needed for installation. Multiple SIP Audio Converters can be installed on a LAN/WAN network and can be managed remotely from a web browser. Using multicast or by making a SIP call enables announcements to be sent to all the devices, select group or a specific device.

The 2N SIP Audio Converter offers a variety of options for interconnection: Video and audio management systems, controlling lights, alarm systems, entry gates and much more.

2N SIP Speaker and SIP Speaker Horn

2N's SIP Speaker, available in black and white is a wall-mountable speaker designed for indoor use and 2N's SIP Speaker Horn is a loud speaker designed for outdoor use with its IP67 protection rating. Both the SIP Speaker and the SIP Speaker Horn are built with an integrated 2N SIP Audio Converter. Giving you a complete paging and ringing solution without the need for external speakers / pre-existing paging system.


  • Standalone device (no need for addition server)
  • Can work P2P or on hosted system or IP PBX
  • Universal input and output connections
  • Power via PoE or PSU
  • Built-in amplifier and line out
  • Input for external microphone
  • Centralised configuration via web interface of installed software application
  • IR sensor

Usage Scenarios

  • Offices
  • Retail stores and shopping centres
  • Schools
  • Sport centres and grounds
  • Parking lots and secure areas



Licences and Upgrades

  • 2N® IP Licence - G.729 codec Licence (9137902)
  • 2N® IP Licence - InformaCast Licence (9137910)

The 2N® IP Gold Licence comes unlocked as standard on the SIP Audio Converter. Find out more about 2N's Licences.

Software Applications

  • 2N® IP Manager - a software tool for the collective administration of all intercoms in the network.
  • 2N® IP Network Scanner - The 2N® IP Network Scanner is a simple, freely available application for locating intercoms from the 2N® IP family in the network.

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Product Name Change

The 2N® SIP Audio Converter was previously named 2N® SIP Speaker. All 2N IP Audio products were renamed and redesigned in Q4 2015.


This product comes with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty. An extra 1, 2 & 3 years extended warranty can be purchased.

Media downloads

SIP Audio Converter
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SIP Audio Converter Kit
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SIP Speakers (white and black)
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SIP Speaker Horn
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