ISDN Switch Off - Prepare with Sangoma | Prepare for the ISDN Switch Off

Preparing for the ISDN Switch Off with Sangoma

Sangoma offers a full portfolio of solutions to enable you to be switch off ready.

It’s the biggest and most important modernisation of the public phone network ever, and your business needs to ACT NOW to ensure a smooth transition.

In light of this, many users are faced with two options:

  • Upgrade your entire system
  • Adapt what you already have

It’s reported that 58%* of UK businesses are concerned that the cost-of-living crisis will negatively impact future communications investment. But with Sangoma VoIP gateways, you can simply adapt what you have.

ADAPT WHAT YOU HAVE - Sangoma Vega Gateways

Extend the life of your current phone system by connecting it to the internet with a VoIP gateway. This is an easy, affordable option for those looking to adapt existing equipment such as telephones, alarm systems, lift/elevator equipment, EPOS machines, door entry and access control.


Cyber Security is crucial in protecting business communications. With Sangoma’s hybrid SBCs, you can offer an all-in-one solution. Incorporating security features such as VoIP protection, Call Routing and Quality of Service to protect your network with a gateway in one device, SBCs allow you to securely adapt your existing devices.

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