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Please Note: This product is no longer supplied by ProVu. For alternative reporting and wall board features, we recommend either 3CX or PBXact.

QueueMetrics is a call-centre reporting and monitoring software package for Asterisk based PBX systems including the SARK range supplied by ProVu.

QueueMetrics is a powerful tool that helps Managers, team leaders etc create real-time reports and statistics which measure specified targets, SLA agreements and overall performance of employees.

QueueMetrics analyses data from the phone system call records and produces in-depth reports on call centre activity. Detailed reports on past activity (by day, week, month etc...) can be produced along with real-time summary screens on current activities, including call-centre wall boards.

QueueMetrics can be used to analyse both inbound call centres taking calls into Queues and outbound call centres or both simultaneously. Plus a single installation can monitor multiple phone systems.

There is also an XML based Application Programming Interface (API) provided which allows creation of totally customised reports.


Customers running call centres using QueueMetrics have reported the following benefits:

  • Gives instant access to vital statistics from any device with a web browser with no need for any specialist software or specific "management" PCs to be set up and maintained.
  • Allows a call centre manager to identify busy periods, quiet periods and periods where calls are being missed in order to manage staffing levels to be most efficient.
  • Gives detailed information on what the call centre as a whole is doing but can be drilled down to the individual agent level.
  • Targets, numbers of sales and agent activity can be measured on industry-standard metrics in great detail.
  • Different access levels for Admin, visitors and Staff.
  • Performance reports by agents or by queues
  • Measure overall business performance against SLAs

QueueMetrics has a simple licensing model and is priced by the number of Agents that are to be monitored. There are no confusing add-ons or hidden extras. No matter how big or small the system is, all the features are available.

What ProVu offer

ProVu have extensive experience with QueueMetrics systems having built, sold and supported them for several years. ProVu offer:

  • simple supply of software licensing and technical support
  • pre-built hardware appliances* with QueueMetrics installed and configured
  • installation advice and remote assistance
  • consultation, development and programming of customised reports and wall boards
  • remote support of existing QueueMetrics installation

* Note: whilst QueueMetrics can run on the same hardware as your Asterisk phone system, we do not recommend this as running complicated reports can adversely effect the performance of the phone system.

ProVu have many resellers and installers around the UK with QueueMetrics experience and our Tech support team provide in-depth knowledge and assistance to them.

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