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Aastra RFP L32 Indoor SIP-DECT Base Station

This product is no longer available from ProVu. Check our our range of IP Multi-Cell DECT Solutions

This Aastra RFP 32 IP is part of the SIP-DECT solution

The indoor base station RFP 32 IP enables the complete integration of DECT radio networks into the IP infrastructure and provides 8 simultaneous call connections. It is powered either via a separate power supply unit or via Power-over-Ethernet.

Even difficult premises or areas can be fitted with an ideal network. Each radio fixed part works flexibly with 12 of the available radio channels and guarantees sufficient call capacity.


  • Range: 300m but depend on site
  • Upto 8 calls per base station
  • GAP standard supported
  • Support 256 base configured in clusters
  • Central configuration via WEB-Configurator
  • Utility to monitor all clustered bases and handsets in an organisation
  • Support up to 512 extensions configured on 1 base
  • Support True handover without disconnecting call
  • Support for LDAP Directory Search
  • Data can be backed up to external ftp, http or tftp server and can be easily reloaded in case of failure.
  • Support High availability
  • Compatible with the: Aastra 610d, Aastra 620d and the Aastra 630d
  • With an integrated omni-directional antenna