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IP intercoms for office buildings and businesses

For most office buildings there is a requirement to allow controlled access for authorised personnel as well as provide a professional greeting to visitors. In a managed office environment visitor calls may be directed to a central reception or direct to a specific company or department. By using an IP Door entry system companies are now able to utilise their existing IP network infrastructure and provide a quick response to visitor calls via either an IP phone, Softphone on a PC or a mobile.

In addition to the normal access control, IP Door Entry systems can also be used for personnel time management and monitoring. By installing either an RFID reader or keypad personnel movement data can be stored on a central management system.

Importantly these door entry systems can be connected to both existing IP telephony systems or a hosted telephony service provider.

Important features to consider:

  • Secure entry to building
  • Central call point for reception
  • Dedicated call button for each company
  • Attendance tracking / time management system for employees
  • Time restrictions
  • Camera
  • Access control via RFID or keypad entry
  • Giving visitors a professional welcome

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Case Studies:

  • Gradwell Communications
    Gradwell use the ProTalk IP Door entry system as both an access control system as well as a staff monitoring system using the integrated RFID proximity reader and allocated tags.


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